Weight Loss Treatments

We are bombarded with nutrition and diet information and misinformation from the time we wake up until we fall asleep.  What is a healthy diet? What is the best way to lose weight? Should I follow the low-carb, low-fat Subway Diet?  Or the Atkins Diet? The list goes on and on.

Being overweight or obese can lead to countless medical problems.  Although many practitioners treat people for medical problems, most doctors do not receive adequate nutritional education.  “Eat less, exercise more” is the common answer to our weight loss questions.

The goal of the Healthy Futures program is not just to help you lose weight. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, nutritional and behavioral guidance, and the specific tools you need to take control of your own health – and ultimately reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Part of our program uses technologies to allow us to see tendencies for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and strokes long before they happen. We can establish what type of diet is best suited for an individual to maintain proper weight.  Adjustments can be also made to help reduce damage caused by inflammatory factors associated with fats and/or carbohydrates.

Nutrition Consultation

Healthy Futures’ nutritionists will tailor a nutrition plan in accordance with your health considerations, and any culinary restrictions due to allergies, lifestyle, and/or religious concerns.

Exercise Consultation

Once your health and physical capabilities have been determined by our medical staff, a Healthy Futures exercise consultant will recommend an appropriate, effective regimen that will set you on a path towards greater health and well-being.

Dexascan and Body Composition Analysis

This is the gold standard for determining bone density and body fat to muscle ratio. Dexascan is used in diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis (loss of calcium in the bone), which makes the bones brittle. The body composition component is used to establish a baseline and follow changes in muscle to fat ratio with nutritional and exercise therapies.