Testing and Treatment

Genetic Testing allows us to modify environmental factors like nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and medications to lessen catastrophic events. We can determine which people are most likely to develop dangerous blood clots and treat them effectively.  We can also find and treat people who are genetically unable to convert folic acid or B12 into their active forms.  When discovered, we can use converted forms of these vitamins to help prevent a variety of diseases.

Nutrition Consultation

Proper nutrition is a vital cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle. We design well-rounded nutrition plans, NOT diets, tailored to the unique characteristics of your body and lifestyle. Using your lab results, including genetics, your Healthy Futures team will identify foods and nutrients that are well metabolized by your body, plus those not well suited for your health. Our certified nutritionist uses this information to help you change your lifestyle and understand how proper nutrition will play a key role in your progression towards greater health.

Exercise and Lifestyle Consultation

Exercise is another critical piece of the puzzle. Regular activity that increases your heart rate will increase your cardiovascular fitness. It will also help improve or prevent conditions associated with aging like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Under the supervision of your Healthy Futures team, and after you have undergone a thorough medical review, we will recommend an exercise routine that has been created specifically for you.

We Accept Most Insurance Plans